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Call for Tutorials Track Submissions
2022 ACM-BCB Conference – August 8-11, 2022 Chicago

The 13th ACM Conference on Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, and Health Informatics (ACM-BCB) is the flagship conference of the ACM SIGBio. The 2022 ACM- BCB conference is the premier conference that is dedicated to interdisciplinary research linking computer science, mathematics, statistics, biology, medicine, bioinformatics, and biomedical and health informatics.

ACM-BCB focuses on the grand challenges for life science, bioscience and human health by showcasing cutting-edge research on new technologies, methods, and tools around the processing, integration, analysis, mining, retrieval, and interpretation of biological, medical and health data with the aim of solving problems in life science, biomedical discovery, public and population health, disease prevention, and healthcare delivery.

This conference and its posters, workshops, and tutorials collectively serve to showcase leading edge research focused on bioinformatics, computational biology, and health informatics.

We especially welcome proposals for tutorials that:

  • Introduce a specific BCB topic, designed to make the topic (and the conference) more accessible to participants who are new to that topic.
  • Provide a hands-on introduction to one or more databases, software tools, or other resources of broad interest to the conference participants.
  • Provide a comprehensive review of the current state of the art in a specific BCB topic aimed at researchers and practitioners who are knowledgeable, but not necessarily experts in the topic.
  • Present techniques from research fields e.g., algorithms, data mining, machine learning, statistics, parallel computing, that are relevant to BCB research.
  • Introduce new research problems, new application areas, or new or emerging technologies of relevance to BCB.

We envision tutorials to be 1 to 4 units, where each unit is 50 minutes. We encourage tutorials with multiple units to have more than one presenter, preferably from different institutions, bringing different perspectives.

Tutorial proposals should not exceed 3 pages (excluding speaker biographies) and should include:

  • Tutorial title
  • Names and affiliations of presenters
  • Tutorial abstract (200 words maximum, suitable for inclusion on the conference website)
  • Tutorial description, including the objectives of the tutorial, its relevance to ACM-BCB 2022, description of the intended audience and background assumed of the audience, sufficient detail regarding the scope of material to be covered and the depth at which it will be covered.
  • Desired tutorial length (if there is flexibility regarding length, please specify the topics to be included for each length).
  • Expected audience size.
  • Information about other venues in which tutorials on the same topic have been presented or planned to be presented, along with pointers to the relevant slides or other tutorial materials and a brief explanation of how the proposed tutorial differs from the other offerings.
  • Comments on the suitability of the tutorial for virtual presentation.
  • Brief professional biographies of presenters including their scientific and professional qualifications and experience (relevant research, teaching or tutorial presentation) and contact information.

Each proposal will be evaluated based on the significance of the proposed tutorial topic, overall quality of the proposal, the qualifications and experience of the presenters, the tutorial's fit to the conference theme, suitability for virtual presentation, and the number of available tutorial slots.

Submission procedure: Each tutorial proposal can be up to 3 pages (11pt font Times New Roman, single line spacing, 1” page margins on all sides, PDF format). Proposers are requested to include all the details listed above in their proposal.

Submissions are handled via EasyChair, (select the track for tutorials)
Please refer to the conference webpage for further updates on the submission information.

Important Dates:

Submission deadline (extended): May 01, 2022
Acceptance notification: May 09, 2022

Tutorial Chairs

Andy Perkins, Mississippi State University

Important Dates
Call for Submission Deadline Notification of Acceptance
Papers May 22 June 22
Workshops April 15 May 02
Tutorials May 01 May 09
Highlights May 31 June 20
Posters May 14 May 27


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