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ACM-BCB '17- Proceedings of the 8th ACM International Conference on Bioinformatics, Computational Biology,and Health Informatics

ACM-BCB '17- Proceedings of the 8th ACM International Conference on Bioinformatics, Computational Biology,and Health Informatics

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SESSION: Session 1: Cancer Genomics and Inferring Phylogenies and Haplotypes

  • Kevin Liu

Beyond Perfect Phylogeny: Multisample Phylogeny Reconstruction via ILP

  • Paola Bonizzoni
  • Simone Ciccolella
  • Gianluca Della Vedova
  • Mauricio Soto

A Compatibility Approach to Identify Recombination Breakpoints in Bacterial and Viral Genomes

  • Yi-Pin Lai
  • Thomas R. Ioerger

Phylogenetic Tree based Method for Uncovering Co-mutational Site-pairs in Influenza Viruses

  • Fransiskus Xaverius Ivan
  • Xinrui Zhou
  • Akhila Deshpande
  • Rui Yin
  • Jie Zheng
  • Chee Keong Kwoh

SESSION: Session 2: Text Mining and Classification

  • Eva Lee

Mapping Free Text into MedDRA by Natural Language Processing: A Modular Approach in Designing and Evaluating Software Extensions

  • Margherita Zorzi
  • Carlo Combi
  • Gabriele Pozzani
  • Ugo Moretti

Dependency and AMR Embeddings for Drug-Drug Interaction Extraction from Biomedical Literature

  • Yanshan Wang
  • Sijia Liu
  • Majid Rastegar-Mojarad
  • Liwei Wang
  • Feichen Shen
  • Fei Liu
  • Hongfang Liu

Leveraging Sentiment Analysis for Classifying Patient Complaints

  • Adel ElMessiry
  • Zhe Zhang
  • William O. Cooper
  • Thomas F. Catron
  • Jan Karrass
  • Munindar P. Singh

Identifying Harm Events in Clinical Care through Medical Narratives

  • Arman Cohan
  • Allan Fong
  • Raj M. Ratwani
  • Nazli Goharian

SESSION: Session 3: Proteins and RNA Structure, Dynamics, and Analysis I

  • Filip Jagodzinski

GOstruct 2.0: Automated Protein Function Prediction for Annotated Proteins

  • Indika Kahanda
  • Asa Ben-Hur

Identification and Prediction of Intrinsically Disordered Regions in Proteins Using n-grams

  • Mauricio Oberti
  • Iosif I. Vaisman

Deep Recurrent Conditional Random Field Network for Protein Secondary Prediction

  • Alexander Rosenberg Johansen
  • Casper Kaae Sønderby
  • Søren Kaae Sønderby
  • Ole Winther

SESSION: Session 4: Genomic Variation and Disease

  • Anna Ritz

CERENKOV: Computational Elucidation of the Regulatory Noncoding Variome

  • Yao Yao
  • Zheng Liu
  • Satpreet Singh
  • Qi Wei
  • Stephen A. Ramsey

Exploring Frequented Regions in Pan-Genomic Graphs

  • Alan Cleary
  • Indika Kahanda
  • Brendan Mumey
  • Joann Mudge
  • Thiruvarangan Ramaraj

Bayesian Hyperparameter Optimization for Machine Learning Based eQTL Analysis

  • Andrew Quitadadmo
  • James Johnson
  • Xinghua Shi

Coal-Miner: A Statistical Method for GWA Studies of Quantitative Traits with Complex Evolutionary Origins

  • Hussein A. Hejase
  • Natalie Vande Pol
  • Gregory M. Bonito
  • Patrick P. Edger
  • Kevin J. Liu

SESSION: Session 5: Clinical Databases and Information Systems

  • Carlo Combi

Learning Deep Representations from Heterogeneous Patient Data for Predictive Diagnosis

  • Chongyu Zhou
  • Yao Jia
  • Mehul Motani
  • Jingwei Chew

Winnow: Interactive Visualization of Temporal Changes in Multidimensional Clinical Data

  • Hsueh-Chien Cheng
  • Rainer von Coelln
  • Ann L. Gruber-Baldini
  • Lisa M. Shulman
  • Amitabh Varshney

Associating Genomics and Clinical Information by Means of Semantic Based Ranking

  • Francesca Cristiano
  • Giuseppe Tradigo
  • Pierangelo Veltri

Tailoring Training for Obese Individuals with Case-Based Reasoning

  • Fabiana Lorenzi
  • Rodrigo G. da Rosa
  • Alessandra Peres
  • Gilson Pires Dorneles
  • Andre Peres
  • Francesco Ricci

SESSION: Session 6: Big Data in Bioinformatics I

  • Ananth Kalyanaraman

SparkGA: A Spark Framework for Cost Effective, Fast and Accurate DNA Analysis at Scale

  • Hamid Mushtaq
  • Frank Liu
  • Carlos Costa
  • Gang Liu
  • Peter Hofstee
  • Zaid Al-Ars

Fast and Highly Scalable Bayesian MDP on a GPU Platform

  • He Zhou
  • Sunil P. Khatri
  • Jiang Hu
  • Frank Liu
  • Cliff Sze

Inferring Microbial Interactions from Metagenomic Time-series Using Prior Biological Knowledge

  • Chieh Lo
  • Radu Marculescu

Secure Cloud Computing for Pairwise Sequence Alignment

  • Sergio Salinas
  • Pan Li

SESSION: Session 7: Advancing Algorithms and Methods I

  • Mukul Bansal

Rich Chromatin Structure Prediction from Hi-C Data

  • Laraib Malik
  • Rob Patro

Cophenetic Median Trees Under the Manhattan Distance

  • Alexey Markin
  • Oliver Eulenstein

DeepCCI: End-to-end Deep Learning for Chemical-Chemical Interaction Prediction

  • Sunyoung Kwon
  • Sungroh Yoon

SESSION: Session 8: Automated Diagnosis and Prediction I

  • May Wang

A Multi-view Deep Learning Method for Epileptic Seizure Detection using Short-time Fourier Transform

  • Ye Yuan
  • Guangxu Xun
  • Kebin Jia
  • Aidong Zhang

TUCUXI: An Intelligent System for Personalized Medicine from Individualization of Treatments to Research Databases and Back

  • Alevtina Dubovitskaya
  • Thierry Buclin
  • Michael Schumacher
  • Karl Aberer
  • Yann Thoma

Interpretable Predictions of Clinical Outcomes with An Attention-based Recurrent Neural Network

  • Ying Sha
  • May D. Wang

Confused or not Confused?: Disentangling Brain Activity from EEG Data Using Bidirectional LSTM Recurrent Neural Networks

  • Zhaoheng Ni
  • Ahmet Cem Yuksel
  • Xiuyan Ni
  • Michael I. Mandel
  • Lei Xie

SESSION: Session 9: Protein and RNA Structure, Dynamics, and Analysis II

  • Henry van den Bedem

Predicting the Effect of Point Mutations on Protein Structural Stability

  • Roshanak Farhoodi
  • Max Shelbourne
  • Rebecca Hsieh
  • Nurit Haspel
  • Brian Hutchinson
  • Filip Jagodzinski

SESSION: Session 10: Advancing Algorithms and Methods II

  • Oliver Eulenstein

Synthesizing Species Trees from Unrooted Gene Trees: A Parameterized Approach

  • Jucheol Moon
  • Oliver Eulenstein

Fleximer: Accurate Quantification of RNA-Seq via Variable-Length k-mers

  • Chelsea J.-T. Ju
  • Ruirui Li
  • Zhengliang Wu
  • Jyun-Yu Jiang
  • Zhao Yang
  • Wei Wang

A Sparse Latent Regression Approach for Integrative Analysis of Glycomic and Glycotranscriptomic Data

  • Xuefu Wang
  • Sujun Li
  • Wenjing Peng
  • Yehia Mechref
  • Haixu Tang

Use of Structural Properties of Underlying Graphs in Pathway Enrichment Analysis of Genomic Data

  • Pourya Naderi Yeganeh
  • M. Taghi Mostafavi

SESSION: Session 11: Applications to Microbes and Imaging Genetics

  • Adam Wright

Seq2seq Fingerprint: An Unsupervised Deep Molecular Embedding for Drug Discovery

  • Zheng Xu
  • Sheng Wang
  • Feiyun Zhu
  • Junzhou Huang

Detection of Differential Abundance Intervals in Longitudinal Metagenomic Data Using Negative Binomial Smoothing Spline ANOVA

  • Ahmed A. Metwally
  • Patricia W. Finn
  • Yang Dai
  • David L. Perkins

Cell Neighbor Determination in the Metazoan Embryo System

  • Zi Wang
  • Dali Wang
  • Husheng Li
  • Zhirong Bao

Predictive and Comparative Network Analysis of the Gut Microbiota in Type 2 Diabetes

  • Mostafa Abbas
  • Yasser EL-Manzalawy

SESSION: Session 12: Systems Biology I

  • Jérôme Waldispühl

Bayesian Collective Markov Random Fields for Subcellular Localization Prediction of Human Proteins

  • Lu Zhu
  • Martin Ester

Differential Community Detection in Paired Biological Networks

  • Raghvendra Mall
  • Ehsan Ullah
  • Khalid Kunji
  • Fulvio D'Angelo
  • Halima Bensmail
  • MIchele Ceccarelli

TINTIN: Exploiting Target Features for Signaling Network Similarity Computation and Ranking

  • Huey Eng Chua
  • Sourav S. Bhowmick
  • Lisa Tucker-Kellogg

SESSION: Session 13: Knowledge Representation Applications

  • Pierangelo Veltri

Determining Optimal Features for Predicting Type IV Secretion System Effector Proteins for Coxiella burnetii

  • Zhila Esna Ashari Esfahani
  • Kelly A. Brayton
  • Shira L. Broschat

Knowledge Rich Natural Language Queries over Structured Biological Databases

  • Hasan M. Jamil

Discovering Inconsistencies in PubMed Abstracts through Ontology-Based Information Extraction

  • Nisansa de Silva
  • Dejing Dou
  • Jingshan Huang

TRuML: A Translator for Rule-Based Modeling Languages

  • Ryan Suderman
  • William S. Hlavacek

SESSION: Session 14: Integrative Methods for Genomic Data

  • Marco Masseroli

HEMnet: Integration of Electronic Medical Records with Molecular Interaction Networks and Domain Knowledge for Survival Analysis

  • Edward W. Huang
  • Sheng Wang
  • Bingxue Li
  • Ran Zhang
  • Baoyan Liu
  • Runshun Zhang
  • Jie Liu
  • Xuezhong Zhou
  • Hongsheng Lin
  • ChengXiang Zhai

A Novel Approach for Classifying Gene Expression Data using Topic Modeling

  • Soon Jye Kho
  • Hima Bindu Yalamanchili
  • Michael L. Raymer
  • Amit P. Sheth

Differential Compound Prioritization via Bi-Directional Selectivity Push with Power

  • Junfeng Liu
  • Xia Ning

SESSION: Session 15: Sdequence Analysis and Genome Assembly

  • Christina Boucher

Understanding Sequence Conservation With Deep Learning

  • Yi Li
  • Daniel Quang
  • Xiaohui Xie

SeqyClean: A Pipeline for High-throughput Sequence Data Preprocessing

  • Ilya Y. Zhbannikov
  • Samuel S. Hunter
  • James A. Foster
  • Matthew L. Settles

Distributed Memory Partitioning of High-Throughput Sequencing Datasets for Enabling Parallel Genomics Analyses

  • Nagakishore Jammula
  • Sriram P. Chockalingam
  • Srinivas Aluru

Scalable Genomic Assembly through Parallel de Bruijn Graph Construction for Multiple K-mers

  • Kanak Mahadik
  • Christopher Wright
  • Milind Kulkarni
  • Saurabh Bagchi
  • Somali Chaterji

SESSION: Session 16: Applications to Healthcare Processes

  • Alistair Johnson

Co-MEAL: Cost-Optimal Multi-Expert Active Learning Architecture for Mobile Health Monitoring

  • Ramyar Saeedi
  • Keyvan Sasani
  • Assefaw H. Gebremedhin

Antidote Application: An Educational System for Treatment of Common Toxin Overdose

  • Jon B. Long
  • Yingyuan Zhang
  • Vladimir Brusic
  • Lou Chitkushev
  • Guanglan Zhang

Automated Off-label Drug Use Detection from User Generated Content

  • Mengnan Zhao
  • Christopher C. Yang

SESSION: Session 17: Biological Modeling

  • Naveena Yanamala

Circadian Rhythms in Neurospora Exhibit Biologically Relevant Driven and Damped Harmonic Oscillations

  • Hannah De los Santos
  • Emily J. Collins
  • Jennifer M. Hurley
  • Kristin P. Bennett

Hybrid ODE/SSA Model of the Budding Yeast Cell Cycle Control Mechanism with Mutant Case Study

  • Mansooreh Ahmadian
  • Shuo Wang
  • John Tyson
  • Young Cao

RBFNN-based Modelling and Analysis for the Signal Reconstruction of Peripheral Nerve Tissue

  • Qichun Zhang
  • Francisco Sepulveda

SESSION: Session 18: Systems Biology II

  • Xinghua (Mindy) Shi

Reverse Engineering Gene Networks: A Comparative Study at Genome-scale

  • Sriram P. Chockalingam
  • Maneesha Aluru
  • Hongqing Guo
  • Yanhai Yin
  • Srinivas Aluru

Unsupervised Multi-View Feature Selection for Tumor Subtype Identification

  • Sultan Imangaliyev
  • Evgeni Levin

Computational Intractability Generates the Topology of Biological Networks

  • Ali Atiia
  • Corbin Hopper
  • Jérôme Waldispühl

A Flexible and Robust Multi-Source Learning Algorithm for Drug Repositioning

  • Huiyuan Chen
  • Jing Li

SESSION: Session 19: Automated Diagnosys and Prediction II

  • Dong Si

Tensor-Factorization-Based Phenotyping using Group Information: Case Study on the Efficacy of Statins

  • Jingyun Choi
  • Yejin Kim
  • Hun-Sung Kim
  • In Young Choi
  • Hwanjo Yu

Infer Cause of Death for Population Health Using Convolutional Neural Network

  • Hang Wu
  • May D. Wang

Automated Breast Cancer Diagnosis Using Deep Learning and Region of Interest Detection (BC-DROID)

  • Richard Platania
  • Shayan Shams
  • Seungwon Yang
  • Jian Zhang
  • Kisung Lee
  • Seung-Jong Park

A Physiological Thermal Regulation Model with Application to the Diagnosis of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

  • Viktor Chekh
  • Peter Soliz
  • Mark Burge
  • Shuang Luan

SESSION: Session 20: Big Data in Bioinformatics II

  • Tom Pollard

An Out-of-Core GPU based Dimensionality Reduction Algorithm for Big Mass Spectrometry Data and Its Application in Bottom-up Proteomics

  • Muaaz Gul Awan
  • Fahad Saeed

Building Applications for Interactive Data Exploration in Systems Biology

  • Bjørn Fjukstad
  • Vanessa Dumeaux
  • Karina Standahl Olsen
  • Eiliv Lund
  • Michael Hallett
  • Lars Ailo Bongo

Mining Faces from Biomedical Literature using Deep Learning

  • Mitchell Dawson
  • Andrew Zisserman
  • Christoffer Nellåker

A Correlation Network Model Utilizing Gait Parameters for Evaluating Health Levels

  • Elham Rastegari
  • Hesham Ali

POSTER SESSION: Poster Session

Study of Antidepressant Molecular Structure Leading to Safer Dosing

  • Meera Garg

Supervised Machine Learning Approaches Predict and Characterize Nanomaterial Exposures: MWCNT Markers in Lung Lavage Fluid.

  • Naveena Yanamala
  • Marlene S. Orandle
  • Vamsi K. Kodali
  • Lindsey M. Bishop
  • Patti C. Zeidler-Erdely
  • Jenny R. Roberts
  • Vincent Castranova
  • Aaron Erdely

Prokaryotic Autolysin Database Construction

  • Brandon A. Saiz
  • Padmanabhan Mahadevan

The Fate of Retrotransposed Processed Genes in Arabidopsis Thaliana

  • Basma Abdelkarim
  • Vincent Maranda
  • Guy Drouin

Super-enhancer Dynamics Throughout Myogenesis

  • Basma Abdelkarim
  • Theodore Perkins

Varsimlab: A Docker-based Pipeline to Automatically Synthesize Short Reads with Genomic Aberrations

  • Abdelrahman Hosny
  • Fatima Zare
  • Sheida Nabavi

An Advanced Workflow for Metabolite Annotation

  • Neda Hassanpour
  • Nicholas Alden
  • Kyongbum Lee
  • Soha Hassoun

Development of a Polymer-Theoretic Approach to Describing Constraints on Reactions Between Antipeptide Antibodies and Intrinsically Disordered Peptide Antigens: Implications for B-Cell Epitope Prediction

  • Salvador Eugenio C. Caoili

Development of Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor nAChR α7 Binding Activity Prediction Model: Coupling Machine Learning with Competitive Molecular Docking

  • Huixiao Hong
  • Carmine Leggett
  • Suguna Sakkiah

Automated Next Generation Sequencing Bioinformatics Pipelines for Pathogen Discovery and Surveillance

  • Margaret Okomo-Adhiambo
  • Edward Ramos
  • Reagan Kelly
  • Yatish Jain
  • Roman Tatusov
  • Anna Montmayeur
  • Gregory Doho
  • Rachel L. Marine
  • Terry Fei Fan Ng
  • Adam Retchless
  • Steve Oberste
  • Paul Rota
  • Xin Wang
  • Agha N. Khan

Protein Classification using Modified N-Gram and Skip-Gram Models: Extended Abstract

  • SM Ashiqul Islam
  • Christopher Michel Kearney
  • Ankan Choudhury
  • Erich J. Baker

Self-Tuning Spectral Clustering for Full-length Viral Quasispecies Reconstruction with PacBio Long Reads

  • Xiaoli Jiao
  • Hiromi Imamichi
  • Tauseef Rehman
  • Rishub Nahar
  • Robin L. Dewar
  • H. Clifford Lane
  • Tomozumi Imamichi
  • Brad T. Sherman

Best Setting of Model Parameters in Applying Topic Modeling on Textual Documents.

  • Wen Zou
  • Weizhong Zhao
  • James J. Chen
  • Roger Perkins

Neopepsee: Accurate Genome-level Prediction of Neoantigens by Harnessing Sequence and Amino Acid Immunogenicity Information

  • Sora Kim
  • Han Sang Kim
  • Sangwoo Kim

Novel Unsupervised Named Entity Recognition Used in Text Annotation Tool (OntoMate) At Rat Genome Database

  • Omid Ghiasvand
  • Mary Shimoyama

Bias and Noise Cancellation for Robust Copy Number Variation Detection

  • Fatima Zare
  • Sardar Ansari
  • Kayvan Najarian
  • Sheida Nabavi

Applying Bayesian Changepoint Model and Hierarchical Divisive Model for Detecting Anomalies in Clinical Decision Support Alert Firing

  • Soumi Ray
  • Adam Wright

Preconditioned Random Forest Regression: Application to Genome-Wide Study for Radiotherapy Toxicity Prediction

  • Sangkyu Lee
  • Sarah Kerns
  • Barry Rosenstein
  • Harry Ostrer
  • Joseph O. Deasy
  • Jung Hun Oh

Outlier Genes as Biomarkers of Breast Cancer Survivability in Time-Series Data

  • Naveen Mangalakumar
  • Abed Alkhateeb
  • Huy Quang Pham
  • Luis Rueda
  • Alioune Ngom

Pisces: An Accurate and Versatile Single Sample Somatic and Germline Variant Caller

  • Tamsen Dunn
  • Gwenn Berry
  • Dorothea Emig-Agius
  • Yu Jiang
  • Anita Iyer
  • Nitin Udar
  • Michael Strömberg

Nirvana: Clinical Grade Variant Annotator

  • Michael Stromberg
  • Rajat Roy
  • Julien Lajugie
  • Yu Jiang
  • Haochen Li
  • Elliott Margulies

Streptomyces Clavuligerus Constraint-Based Modeling and Gene Expression Analysis for Clavulanic Acid Production

  • León F. Toro
  • Laura Pinilla-Mendoza
  • Rigoberto Ríos-Estepa

Notch Signaling Plays an Important Role in mTEC Specification during Fetal Thymus Development

  • Dong Liu
  • Anastasia I. Kousa
  • Simon R. Tomlinson
  • C. Clare Blackburn

Analysis of 16S Genomic Data using Graphical Databases

  • Olivia M. Ahern
  • Rebecca J. Stevick
  • Li Yuan
  • Noah M. Daniels

High Dimensional Ensemble Neuronal Activity Pattern Analysis: Visualization and Wave Detection Focused

  • Varshini Guddanti
  • Shawn Horvatic
  • Jie Zhou
  • Yujia Hu
  • Bing Ye

Tumor Neoantigens Derived from RNA Sequencing Analysis

  • Shaojun Tang
  • Suthee Rapisuwon
  • Anton Wellstein
  • Subha Madhavan

Challenges in Prediction of different Cancer Stages using Gene Expression Profile of Cancer Patients

  • Sherry Bhalla
  • Suresh Sharma
  • Gajendra Pal Singh Raghava

NGSPipes: Fostering Reproducibility and Scalability in Biosciences

  • Bruno Dantas
  • Calmenelias Fleitas
  • Alexandre Almeida
  • João Forja
  • Alexandre P. Francisco
  • José Simão
  • Cátia Vaz

Dynamic Phylogenetic Inference for Sequence-based Typing Data

  • Alexandre P. Francisco
  • Marta Nascimento
  • Cátia Vaz

Classification and Prediction of Antimicrobial Peptides Using N-gram Representation and Machine Learning

  • Manal Othman
  • Sujay Ratna
  • Anant Tewari
  • Anthony M. Kang
  • Katherine Du
  • Iosif I. Vaisman

Network Analysis Identifies Regulatory Hotspots in Regions of Chromosome Interactions

  • Anastasiya Belyaeva
  • Saradha Venkatachalapathy
  • Mallika Nagarajan
  • G.V. Shivashankar
  • Caroline Uhler

Machine Learning Model for Identifying Gene Biomarkers for Breast Cancer Treatment Survival

  • Ashraf Abou Tabl
  • Abed Alkhateeb
  • Waguih ElMaraghy
  • Alioune Ngom

Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS) for the Infliximab Responsiveness in Korean Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients

  • Zewon Park
  • Ko-Woon Choi
  • Doo Won Seo
  • Sunae Ryu
  • Jong Gu Lee
  • Woo Yong Oh

Integrating Prior Information with Bayesian Feature Selection

  • Ali Foroughi pour
  • Lori A. Dalton

An Integrated Reconciliation Framework for Domain, Gene, and Species Level Evolution

  • Lei Li
  • Mukul S. Bansal

Assessing the Impact of Uncertain Gene Tree Rooting on Phylogenetic Reconciliation Using a Simulation Framework

  • Soumya Kundu
  • Mukul S. Bansal

Overlap Graph Reduction for Genome Assembly using Apache Spark

  • Alexander J. Paul
  • Dylan Lawrence
  • Tae-Hyuk Ahn

A Cross-Platform System Architecture for Form Design and Data Analytics for Public Health

  • Blake Camp
  • Jaya Mandivarapu
  • Jay Mehta
  • Nagashayana Ramamurthy
  • James Wingo
  • Anu G. Bourgeois
  • Xiaojun Cao
  • Rajshekhar Sunderraman

Deep Residual Nets for Improved Alzheimer's Diagnosis

  • Aly Valliani
  • Ameet Soni

Integrative Sufficient Dimension Reduction Methods for Multi-Omics Data Analysis

  • Yashita Jain
  • Shanshan Ding

Predicting Breast Cancer Outcome under Different Treatments by Feature Selection Approaches

  • Huy Quang Pham
  • Luis Rueda
  • Alioune Ngom

Breaking Ties in Weighted Interactomes

  • Ibrahim Youssef
  • Anna Ritz

Microbiome Dynamics as Predictors of Lung Transplant Rejection

  • Ahmed Metwally
  • Christian Ascoli
  • Kalista Andropolis
  • Ravi Ranjan
  • Yang Dai
  • Thomas Ferkol
  • Patricia Finn
  • David Perkins

Analysis of Controls in ChIP-seq

  • Aseel Awdeh
  • Theodore J. Perkins

SeqAnt: Cloud-Based Whole-Genome Annotation and Search

  • Alex V. Kotlar
  • Cristina E. Trevino
  • Michael E. Zwick
  • David J. Cutler
  • Thomas S. Wingo

A Tool for Predicting the Dark Side of Enzymes

  • Linfeng Liu
  • Soha Hassoun

Pathway Enrichment Analysis for Untargeted Metabolomics

  • Vladimir Porokhin
  • Xinmeng Li
  • Soha Hassoun

Towards the Design of Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMP) Antibody Sequences

  • Xinmeng Li
  • James Van Deventer
  • Soha Hassoun

ProSol DB: A Protein Solubility Database

  • Sara A. Amin
  • Venkatesh Endalur Gopinarayanan
  • Nikhil U. Nair
  • Soha Hassoun

Building a Molecular Taxonomy of Disease

  • Jisoo Park
  • Benjamin J. Hescott
  • Donna K. Slonim

Network Analysis of Correlated Mutations in Influenza

  • Uday Yallapragada
  • Iosif I. Vaisman


ACM-BCB '17 Tutorial: Robotics-inspired Algorithms for Modeling Protein Structures and Motions

  • Kevin Molloy
  • David Morris
  • Amarda Shehu

Computational Modeling of Protein-RNA Interactions

  • Yaron Orenstein

Stochastic Process Model and Its Applications to Analysis of Longitudinal Data

  • Ilya Y. Zhbannikov
  • Konstantin G. Arbeev

Analyzing the eICU Collaborative Research Database

  • Alistair E.W. Johnson
  • Tom J. Pollard
  • Leo A. Celi
  • Roger G. Mark

SESSION: Invited Keynote Talks

Instrumenting the Health Care Enterprise for Discovery in the Course of Clinical Care

  • Shawn Murphy

Challenges of Drug Design

  • Dagmar Ringe

Genome-scale Estimation of the Tree of Life

  • Tandy Warnow

SESSION: Highlights

Highlights Talks at ACM BCB 2017

  • Amarda Shehu
  • Tamer Kahveci
  • Giuseppe Pozzi

Model-based Transcriptome Engineering

  • Michael Brent

Analysis of Single Cells on a Pseudotime Scale along Postnatal Pancreatic Beta Cell Development

  • Francesca Mulas
  • Chun Zeng
  • Yinghui Sui
  • Tiffany Guan
  • Nathanael Miller
  • Yuliang Tan
  • Fenfen Liu
  • Wen Jin
  • Andrea C. Carrano
  • Mark O. Huising
  • Orian Shirihai
  • Gene W. Yeo
  • Maike Sander

Drug Response Prediction as a Link Prediction Problem

  • Zachary Stanfield
  • Mustafa Coskun
  • Mehmet Koyuturk

Fast, Clash-Free RNA Conformational Morphing using Molecular Junctions

  • A. Heliou
  • Dominik Budday
  • Rasmus Fonseca
  • Henry van den Bedem

Network-based Interpretation of Diverse High-Throughput Datasets through the Omics Integrator Software Package

  • Amanda J. Kedaigle

3D Genome Structure Modeling by Lorentzian Objective Function

  • Tuan Trieu
  • Jianlin Cheng

Folding Large Proteins by Ultra-Deep Learning

  • Jinbo Xu

SESSION: Computational Structural Bioinformatics Workshop (CSBW)

The 2017 Computational Structural Bioinformatics Workshop: CSBW 2017

  • Nurit Haspel
  • Amarda Shehu
  • Kevin Molloy

Computational Modeling of pH-dependent gp120-CD4 Interactions in Founder and Chronic HIV Strains

  • Jonathan Howton
  • Joshua L. Phillips

Analysis of ß-strand Twist from the 3-dimensional Image of a Protein

  • Tunazzina Islam
  • Michael Poteat
  • Jing He

ProMuteHT: A High Throughput Compute Pipeline for Generating Protein Mutants in silico

  • Erik Andersson
  • Filip Jagodzinski

String-Based Models for Predicting RNA-Protein Interaction

  • Donald Adjeroh
  • Maen Allaga
  • Jun Tan
  • Jie Lin
  • Yue Jiang
  • Ahmed Abbasi
  • Xiaobo Zhou

Ranking Protein-Protein Binding Using Evolutionary Information and Machine Learning

  • Roshanak Farhoodi
  • Bahar Akbal-Delibas
  • Nurit Haspel

Evolving Conformation Paths to Model Protein Structural Transitions

  • Emmanuel Sapin
  • Kenneth De Jong
  • Amarda Shehu

Statistical Analysis of Computed Energy Landscapes to Understand Dysfunction in Pathogenic Protein Variants

  • Wanli Qiao
  • Tatiana Maximova
  • Erion Plaku
  • Amarda Shehu

Automated Protein Chain Isolation from 3D Cryo-EM Data and Volume Comparison Tool

  • Michael Nissenson
  • Dong Si

A Graph Based Method for the Prediction of Backbone Trace from Cryo-EM Density Maps

  • Peter Collins
  • Dong Si

Investigating Rigidity Properties of Protein Cavities

  • Stephanie Mason
  • Tim Woods
  • Brian Chen
  • Filip Jagodzinski

Geometric Sampling Framework for Exploring Molecular Walker Energetics and Dynamics

  • Bruna Jacobson
  • Jon Christian L. David
  • Mitchell C. Malone
  • Kasra Manavi
  • Susan R. Atlas
  • Lydia Tapia

Gaussian Mixture Models with Constrained Flexibility for Fitting Tomographic Tilt Series

  • Kasra Manavi
  • Sahba Tashakkori
  • Lydia Tapia

Geometry Analysis for Protein Secondary Structures Matching Problem

  • Kamal Al Nasr
  • Feras Yousef
  • Christopher Jones
  • Ruba Jebril

WORKSHOP SESSION: 6th Workshop on Parallel and Cloud-based Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (ParBio)

ParBio'17: 6th Workshop on Parallel and Cloud-based Bioinformatics and Biomedicine

  • Mario Cannataro
  • John A. Springer

GPU-PCC: A GPU Based Technique to Compute Pairwise Pearson's Correlation Coefficients for Big fMRI Data

  • Taban Eslami
  • Muaaz Gul Awan
  • Fahad Saeed

Ensemble Convolution Neural Network with a Simple Voting Method for Lung Tumor Detection

  • Allison M. Rossetto
  • Wenjin Zhou

Fuzzy Prediction of Incipient Alzheimer's Disease cases from Mild Cognitive Impaired cases

  • Oriehi E.D. Anyaiwe
  • Gautam B. Singh

Using GenotypeAnalytics to Analyze Pharmacogenomic Datasets

  • Giuseppe Agapito
  • Pietro Hiram Guzzi
  • Mario Cannataro

Discovery of Regular Domains in Large DNA Data Sets

  • Francesca Bertacchini
  • Eleonora Bilotta
  • Pietro Pantano

WORKSHOP SESSION: 4th International Workshop on Computational Network Biology: Modeling, Analysis, and Control (CNB-MAC)

CNB-MAC'17: The Fourth International Workshop on Computational Network Biology: Modeling, Analysis, and Control

  • Byung-Jun Yoon
  • Xiaoning Qian
  • Tamer Kahveci

Bayesian Graphical Models for Computational Network Biology

  • Yang Ni
  • Peter Müller
  • Lin Wei
  • Yuan Ji

Detangling PPI Networks to Uncover Functionally Meaningful Clusters

  • Sarah Hall-Swan
  • Jake Crawford
  • Rebecca Newman
  • Lenore J. Cowen

SMILE: A Novel Procedure for Subcellular Module Identification with Localization Expansion

  • Lixin Cheng
  • Pengfei Liu
  • Kwong-Sak Leung

Overlapping Functional Modules Detection in PPI Network with Pairwise Constrained Nonnegative Matrix Tri-Factorization

  • Guangming Liu
  • Bianfang Chai
  • Kuo Yang
  • Xuezhong Zhou
  • Jian Yu

Heuristic Algorithms for Feature Selection under Bayesian Models with Block-diagonal Covariance Structure

  • Ali Foroughi pour
  • Lori A. Dalton

Feature Selection with Interactions in Logistic Regression Models using Multivariate Synergies for a GWAS Application

  • Easton Li Xu
  • Xiaoning Qian
  • Qilian Yu
  • Han Zhang
  • Shuguang Cui

Simulating Variance Heterogeneity in Quantitative Genome Wide Association Studies

  • Ahmad Al Kawam
  • Mustafa Alshawaqfeh
  • James Cai
  • Erchin Serpedin
  • Aniruddha Datta

Sparse Tensor Decomposition for Haplotype Assembly of Diploids and Polyploids

  • Abolfazl Hashemi
  • Banghua Zhu
  • Haris Vikalo

Intrinsically Bayesian Robust Classifier for Single-Cell Gene Expression Time Series in Gene Regulatory Networks

  • Alireza Karbalayghareh
  • Ulisses Braga-Neto
  • Edward R. Dougherty

Constraints On Signaling Networks Logic Reveal Functional Subgraphs On Multiple Myeloma OMIC Data

  • Bertrand Miannay
  • Stéphane Minvielle
  • Olivier Roux
  • Florence Magrangeas
  • Carito Guziolowski

Protein-Protein Interaction Extraction Using Attention-Based Convolution Neural Networks

  • Hao Zhang
  • Mary Qu Yang
  • Xiaoyue Feng
  • William Yang
  • Weida Tong
  • Renchu Guan

Investigation of Model Stacking for Drug Sensitivity Prediction

  • Kevin Matlock
  • Carlos De Niz
  • Raziur Rahman
  • Souparno Ghosh
  • Ranadip Pal

A Bayesian Approach to Determine the Composition of Heterogeneous Cancer Tissue

  • Ashish Katiyar
  • Anwoy Mohanty
  • Chao Sima
  • Jianping Hua
  • Rosana Lopes
  • Aniruddha Datta
  • Michael L. Bittner

WORKSHOP SESSION: 6th Workshop on Computational Advances in Molecular Epidemiology (CAME 2017)

CAME 2017: 6th Workshop on Computational Advances in Molecular Epidemiology

  • Yury Khudyakov
  • Ion Mandoiu
  • Pavel Skums
  • Alexander Zelikovsky

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop on Microbiomics, Metagenomics, and Metabolomics

A Workshop on Microbiomics, Metagenomics, and Metabolomics

  • Soha Hassoun
  • Curtis Huttenhower
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